Rules Of The Forum

Some rules you need to be aware of.
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The things below are stating the obvious, but for good measure, I'll make them clear.

Rules Of The Forum

1) Keep this forum civil and be respectful. Just because you are anonymous doesn't mean you should be a prick.

2) No Spam / Advertising / Self-Promoting in the forums: This forum is not for you to advertise your goods, services and/or other websites.

3) Do not post offensive posts, links or images.

4) Do not infringe anyone's copyrights.

5) Do not slander or spread fake news. Please know that the rule of law applies even in Singapore. Owners and members of the forum reserve their full legal rights. Remember your email addresses and I.P. addresses are logged.

6) Do NOT give out your personal information to anyone on this forum. If someone asks for such information, please report it to me.


These are not rules, but here's what this forum hopes to achieve:

- This is a safe place. I will not allow any public displays of ego clashing or a competing of who is better in analysis. If you are want to compete, then compete with me.

- Come here, chit-chat, make friends. Just use this as a platform to learn and interact with others.

- Your identity here is safe. Even when I'm the admin, I won't know who you are. Don't abuse the anonymity.

- Feel free to give suggestions on how to improve the forum and what threads you would like created.