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Gautama Buddha & The 4 Categories of Bazi

Posted: Thu May 21, 2020 11:14 pm
by xiuxingren
Hi Master Sean, i'm an avid reader of your blog. Congratulations on the opening of your forum!

Would like to hear your opinion if you may.

From the Bazi point of view, would the Bazi of Gautama Buddha be categorized into Category 1?

If yes/no, why?

Or in general, can we categorize all the great sages of the past into Category 1?


Re: Gautama Buddha & The 4 Categories of Bazi

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 12:07 am
by sean.chan
Thanks! Thanks for joining too and thanks for reading my blog too!

That is a deep question...

I honestly won't know because I don't have his birthday, but personally I'd regard Buddha's chart as a Category 1 chart? I mean, why wouldn't it? Self-aware, enlightened, finds meaning in his life not bound by material desires etc.

What made you think of this question though? =)

- Sean

Re: Gautama Buddha & The 4 Categories of Bazi

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 11:40 am
by xiuxingren
Hi Sean,

Thanks for the response.

The question is inspired by your blog posts. This concept of "transcend" one's own chart in some of your posts. One has to raise his self-awareness such that one is no longer passing through motion and no longer on "auto-pilot" so to speak.

Coming from a Buddhism upbringing as well,

I quote your message "Self-aware, enlightened, finds meaning in his life not bound by material desires etc."

Hope to seek your elaboration on this concept of "transcend":
For example,
When Person A is born, it shows that Person A's Bazi has low quality natal chart and negative 10 year luck cycle consecutively from age 30 on wards for the rest of his life.
However, if Person A is self-aware and enlightened at age 29, does it means he has transcended his chart? Because Person A is no longer seeking material desires and he understands cause-and-effect, whatever bad events might come, Person A mood would no longer be affected.

Is it possible for Person A whom is born with consecutive negative 10 year luck cycle has a chance to be self-aware/enlightened?
In short, can Bazi determine if a person will be enlightened?
Does it means Category 4 people do not have a chance to be self-aware/enlightened for this lifetime?

Does Category 4 people has a chance to defy the law of Bazi if they are willing to?

Re: Gautama Buddha & The 4 Categories of Bazi

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 12:50 pm
by sean.chan
Let's put Buddha aside for now.

I think to put it simply, to "transcend" a chart means you are in control of the chart rather than the chart being in control of you.

For example, a lot of times, a practitioner will a client that something will happen in a particular year, so please avoid it. But for some reason it'll very likely still trigger because it's just too hard for the chart-holder to manouvre around it. It might be greed that results in loss of money, or jumping into a toxic relationship/marriage when you knew for the longest time it is toxic. If you're asking why it happens, it's really because we're all humans that need to learn through all these setbacks.

To actually learn these lessons without having to go through the tough times takes another level of wisdom in my opinion.

My personal experience is that it's a lot harder for a lower-quality chart person to transcend their charts. Not saying it's impossible. Just that it's a lot more work.

And just to add: I mentioned a lot of times in my blog that "transcend" doesn't mean a complete change or you can do whatever you want, or be whoever you want to be. A lot of people misinterpret what "transcending" a chart means.

BaZi is being sold this way out there with some practitioners saying there is no such thing as a bad chart and I don't agree with the angle. I've yet to see one of these BaZi seminars producing a Lee Ka Shing or Elon Musk, but honestly, people like them won't even need to attend such courses in the first place.

- Sean

Re: Gautama Buddha & The 4 Categories of Bazi

Posted: Fri May 22, 2020 2:11 pm
by xiuxingren
Hi Sean,

Thanks for the sharing!


Re: Gautama Buddha & The 4 Categories of Bazi

Posted: Wed May 27, 2020 12:26 am
by Sketchy
Hi everyone,

Sketchy here. I am new to the forum :)

Thanks Sean for your explanation and insightful article on transcending one's natal chart.

One’s lifepath is like a “script” that is pre-written by destiny and its content is influenced/shaped by one’s karma. This script is generally fixed and the actor (i.e. oneself) would somehow be compelled to act out/follow it through until the end.

Our natal chart gives a broad view of this script and how the contents unfolds. Hence to transcend our chart is akin to tweaking or even rewriting this almost fixed "script", which is no small feat as it involves changing a predetermined life path and its outcome(sounds abit fatalistic here).

We come to this lifetime carrying our own karmic debts/lesson/merits, which imo, manifest in our personality/ mindset and the circumstances /relationship we encountered. So alot of stuff is kinda fixed, and it is challenging to overcome /change (e.g. mindset, personality).

Hence i think it would would require great wisdom (need to be cultivated unless its an inherent gift) and merit accumulation acheive a change in course

My two cents worth.