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Hi Master and everyone, I like to open this topic for discussion...

Category 1: Natal Chart + Good Luck Phases (命好,運也好)
Category 2: Poor Natal Chart + Good Luck Phases (命不好,運好)
Category 3: Good Natal Chart + Bad Luck Phases (命好,運不好)
Category 4: Bad Natal Chart + Bad Luck Phases (命不好,運也不好)

Luck Phases = 10 year luck cycle?

Correct if I am wrong, the 10 year luck cycle is a changing of elements, meaning through time the elements will change according to seasons and there will be bound to be some good 10 year cycles and some bad 10 year cycles.

Assuming Natal Chart remains constant, does a person change from category one to three and vice-versa when he went through the different luck cycles?

Same for category 2 to 4 and vice-versa.

Because maybe the first 60 years of a person life is more important, I assuming...

It is likely to be rare that you have a straight 6 good/bad luck cycles?

Or you use average, if 4 out of 6 good for the first 6 means is consider good luck?

You get what I mean?

Thanks for your time in clarification.
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I think if we try to break things down a bit too much, we start to lose the point of the blog post. My aim was to let everyone what set charts apart and how it shows up in real life.

Everyone will have good 10-year phases and bad ones. But generally speaking we want to encounter as many good 10-year phases as we can. Statistically, a good guage would be to be able to encounter four positive 10-year phases, with two negative ones usually being the transitional Earth 10-year phases.

So yes, I agree with you. 4 out of 6 is a good way of putting it. =)
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